我在酒店这个神奇的领域里呆了二十多年, 我遇到了一些真正非凡的目的地. But there’s one quaint, mountainous town that keeps beckoning me back—普林斯, Arkansas.

被迷人的奥扎克包围, this town’s beauty is only paralleled by the distinctive charm of its accommodations. So buckle up as I share with you the hidden treasures and the captivating stories of the ten most unique places to stay in this tucked-away haven.

1. 1886新月酒店 & 水疗中心

  • Historic and reputed as one of America’s most haunted hotels—ideal for thrill-seekers.
  • 从山顶俯瞰奥扎克山脉的全景.
  • 现代舒适与历史优雅相结合, 包括一个全方位服务的水疗中心和一个著名的餐厅.

No list about 普林斯 can commence without paying homage to the legendary 1886新月酒店 & 水疗中心. 这座迷人的建筑被称为“欧扎克的老太太,因为它深深扎根于当地历史. 充满了阴谋和猜测的故事, 新月酒店也因其超凡脱俗的住客而闻名, 提供 幽灵之旅 对于那些对超自然事物有兴趣的人来说,这是必须的.

Apart from its rich history, the Crescent Hotel is a luxury resort in its own right. Its location atop the West Mountain in the Ozarks provides panoramic views that will leave you spellbound. Whether you’re indulging in its full-service spa or dining in the Crystal Dining Room, 这家大酒店完美地结合了历史的优雅与现代的舒适.

2. 树屋别墅


  • 一个独特的体验,住在一个手工制作的小屋在树林中升高.
  • Luxurious amenities inside, including custom stone and glass accents, 极可意浴缸, and fireplaces.
  • 一个理想的浪漫撤退与宁静,自然的环境.

Imagine a fairy tale coming alive as you lodge in the middle of the woods but with all the modern amenities and luxuries. 这正是树屋小屋提供的体验. 藏在奥扎克翠绿的树林里, these handcrafted cottages built on stilt-like structures provide a serene retreat, 让你与自然融为一体.

这些树屋的内部和外部一样迷人, 定制石材和玻璃口音, 极可意浴缸, 还有舒适的壁炉. 完美的浪漫之旅, the 树屋别墅 will help you leave the world behind and reconnect with nature—and your partner—in an utterly enchanting way.

3. 大树屋度假村


  • 独一无二的度假胜地为每个树屋提供独特的建筑设计.
  • The perfect blend of rustic charm and modern amenities, with private decks for each treehouse.
  • 提供一个冒险的树顶体验,使一个难忘的假期.

大树屋度假村 is another magical woodland getaway that offers an exclusive fusion of comfort and adventure. 以其独特的建筑和精心的设计, each treehouse stands as a work of art amidst the lush surroundings of the Ozarks.

内部, 你会发现这里是乡村魅力与现代奢华的完美结合, 设有现代设施和舒适的家具. 每个树屋都有自己的私人平台, 完美的浸泡在周围的自然美景. 这家度假村提供难忘的树顶体验, 非常适合那些寻求一个独一无二的假期.

4. 海狸湖畔小屋

  • 位于…海岸的 海狸湖设有落地玻璃幕墙和大型甲板,可欣赏壮丽的湖景.
  • 配备豪华设施,包括私人按摩浴缸.
  • 私人有盖码头供喜欢钓鱼的人使用.

如果你喜欢水,喜欢风景,那么 海狸湖畔小屋 是给你的. These cabins are not only situated on the shores of beautiful 海狸湖 but are also equipped with floor-to-ceiling glass fronts and large, 加上甲板. This means you can wake up to the sight of a serene, glistening lake every morning of your stay.

内部 these cabins, you’ll find well-equipped kitchens, custom king-size beds, and private Jacuzzis. For those who fancy fishing, there’s a private, covered dock with a fish cleaning station. 如果你正在寻找一个宁静的湖边度假, 海狸湖畔小屋 provide an idyllic setting coupled with luxury accommodations.

5. 尤里卡泉霍比特人洞穴

  • 独特的住宿体验仿照J.R.R. 托尔金的作品——奇幻迷的完美选择.
  • 尽管外表质朴, the inside is comfortable and luxurious with modern amenities.
  • 每个洞穴都带有私人露台和按摩浴缸.

Stepping into the 尤里卡泉霍比特人洞穴 is like stepping into Middle Earth itself. 仿照J.R.R. 托尔金的作品, 这些独特的住所建在山坡上, 提供沉浸式体验, 这个系列的粉丝一定会喜欢的奇幻体验.

尽管外表质朴, the inside of the Hobbit Caves is replete with modern amenities and luxurious furnishings, 提供一个舒适和迷人的住宿. Each cave has a private patio, a Jacuzzi tub, and a view of the surrounding wooded area. 这种独特的住宿提供了幻想和现实的完美融合, 一定会让你的假期难忘.

而尤里卡温泉提供了众多独特的住宿, 游客也可能对附近的地区感兴趣. 看看这些选项 本顿维尔 或者这些选择 费耶特维尔 为了在该地区多待一段时间.

6. 池塘山旅馆和度假村


  • 坐落在130英亩的野生动物充满森林,提供一个宁静的撤退.
  • Offers a variety of accommodations, all with unique views of the forest, pond, or mountains.
  • 度假村设施齐全,包括一个室外游泳池.

池塘山旅馆和度假村坐落在130英亩的野生动物充满森林, 提供一个平静的喘息从喧嚣的日常生活. 这个度假胜地提供各种各样的住宿, 从私人套房到小木屋, 每个都提供独特的森林景观, 池塘, 或者群山.

尽管环境幽静, 池塘山旅馆和度假村 offers all the amenities you’d expect from a luxury resort. 舒适的住宿, 室外游泳池, and the breathtaking views make this resort an ideal place for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation.

7. 1905年盆地公园酒店

  • 位于市中心尤里卡泉的心脏, 提供混合的历史魅力和现代化的便利.
  • 方便前往当地景点,包括著名的盆地泉公园.
  • 尽管它的历史性质,它提供了一个舒适的住宿现代设施.

位于市中心尤里卡泉的心脏, the 1905年盆地公园酒店 offers an experience filled with historic charm and modern conveniences. 是当地最古老的酒店之一, 这座建筑拥有悠久的历史, as seen in its original antique furnishings and the beautiful stone walls that tell a story of their own.

不要让历史的外表蒙蔽了你的内心, 你会发现现代化的设施,确保你住得舒适. 它的位置在镇中心, 这家酒店非常适合那些希望徒步探索当地景点的人, 包括著名的 盆地泉公园.

8. 隐谷客牧场

  • Offers a picturesque setting with hand-built log cabins providing a rustic, home-like atmosphere.
  • Each cabin features an open floor plan with large windows for natural light and stunning views.
  • Secluded, yet just a short drive from town, providing a balance of peace and exploration.

隐谷客人牧场提供了一个风景如画的宁静的撤退. 位于尤里卡泉外, this ranch offers hand-built log cabins that boast rustic charm and provide a cozy, 像家一样的气氛依偎在其中 欧扎克山脉.

Each cabin offers an open floor plan with plenty of space and large windows to let in natural light, 提供周围自然美景. 幽静的环境, 再加上距离城镇只有很短的车程,这很方便, makes 隐谷客牧场 a great choice for those looking for a balance of peace and exploration.

9. 皮博迪之家


  • Located in the 历史街区, 提供古老的魅力和现代舒适的融合.
  • Each room is uniquely decorated with period pieces yet equipped with modern amenities like whirlpool tubs and private balconies.
  • 提供了一个怀旧的旅程到过去,丰富的假期经验.

皮博迪之家,位于 历史街区, is a charming Victorian-style accommodation that will transport you back in time. 这张床 & 早餐, 建于19世纪末, 保留了很多原有的建筑美吗, 提供古老的魅力和现代舒适的融合.

Each room at 皮博迪之家 is uniquely decorated with period pieces yet provides modern amenities like whirlpool tubs and private balconies. Staying at 皮博迪之家 not only offers a comfortable stay but also a nostalgic journey into the past, 让你的假期更加难忘.

10. 镀金的百合


  • 坐落在树木繁茂的山坡上,从市中心尤里卡泉走一小段路.
  • Each room is uniquely decorated with antique furniture, 提供 an intimate, vintage environment.
  • A delightful breakfast is served each morning in the beautifully restored dining room.

镀金百合是一张迷人的床 & 早餐 nestled on a wooded hillside, a short walk from downtown 普林斯. 每个房间都有单独的装饰, 提供独一无二的, 亲密的设置, with antique furniture adding a touch of vintage elegance to the overall experience.

还有舒适的房间, 镀金的百合提供了一个愉快的早餐每天早上, 在装修精美的餐厅供应. 如果你正在寻求一个和平, 温馨的环境与一抹复古的优雅, 那么在尤利卡泉,镀金百合是你必去的地方.


在我做酒店老板的这些年里, 我开始明白,这不仅仅是关于这个地方,而是关于这个故事, 的人, 这些经历. 在尤里卡泉,你会发现这两种东西都很丰富. 这十个独特的住宿, 每一个都有自己的故事和魅力, 都在等着成为你尤利卡泉故事的一部分.